Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom & Dad!

Over a month ago, my fellow siblings and I celebrated our parents birthdays together. It was a warm and joyful experience. I presented a 6 page custom-made greeting card to our parents on behalf of their children and grand children.

Truly there is reason to thank God on their behalf- from great deliverance from a ghastly car accident over twenty years ago when most of us were just kids (the car was a write-off) to blessings, provision and protection over the years. Not to mention how they have been a stable source of support for us, their children.

I trust in God's mercy, we shall do this again, and again... and again...
Happy birthday mum and dad!

Commemorative Poster Design


A week ago, while I was working away from home, I received bad news- armed robbers had laid siege to our street including my residence. As terrible and fearful as the ordeal was, I rejoice on the behalf of my neighbours, co-tenants and their children that no one suffered serious injury. Despite the fact I suffered some loss, I am also grateful to God that I was not at home when the evil men came calling.